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Senate Garage Art Installation Makes a Huge Impact on Women in our Community

The “IMatter” Project launched in Kingston on December 4th at Senate Garage, in collaboration with Kingston High School’s Period Power! Club and Senate Garage.

The Senate Garage installation includes 4 banners, featuring Period Power! Club students and leaders. Interview excerpts of each subject can be listened to on the “IMatter” Project website The installation will remain at Senate Garage for 6-12 months. Plans are in place to expand the project throughout the Kingston community.

The “IMatter” Project launched in Kingston on December 4th

Tina Dierna, Period Power! Club advisor and youth activist shares her experiences, “When we have the ability to share our stories, our struggles and the obstacles we have overcome, we can connect with others in a transformative way.” When Dierna was asked to participate in this project she willingly shared her story with her mental health and learning differences as a youth because she knows she’s a force to be reconned with and she matters.

Makaya, a rising high school senior is the Period Power! club president and founding member. She stated to her club advisor, “I chose to participate in the IMatter project because I want to be a voice to those who cannot speak for themselves.” Makaya demonstrates a role of leadership and inquisitive knowledge about the world.

Domonique, also a rising senior is the Period Power! club treasure and founding member. She shares, “I decided to participate in the IMatter Project because I want other people to hear my story and be inspired to understand why they too, do matter.”

Judy Tallerman, owner of Senate Garage says “When Rob told me about this project, I thought it was perfect for Kingston. The hope is that this project spreads throughout Kingston to celebrate the beauty and wonder of our local community. Senate Garage is the hub for a wide array of public and private events and home to CoWork Kingston, which has built a diverse community that reflects our inclusive mission. We at Senate Garage are honored to be a host location for the first of many installations that happen around our city and are happy to support the growing art community.”


The “IMatter” Project reflects the vitality and strength of communities through the beauty and promise of its people in images and words. The community art campaign celebrates the sanctity and self-worth of diverse community members while instilling a sense of dignity, hope and promise. The captivating program uses public media to entice and engage people in conversations regarding the challenges people face today, irrespective of race, age, sexual orientation, gender, or socioeconomics.

The “IMatter” Project features Rob Goldman’s compelling photographic portraits accompanied by uplifting statements that declare each subject’s self-worth. Irresistible faces and voices broadcast personal yet universal messages of positivity and pride through larger-than-life banners, billboards, audio recordings, radio broadcasts and interactive exhibits. “IMatter” Kingston specifically focuses on women’s empowerment.

The project encourages people to curb assumptions and prejudices. It invites them to “meet” community members beyond their circumstances. We bring together the faces of communities with an enticing platform that unites governmental, civic, educational, corporate and philanthropic forces to foster positive change.

Visit to learn more!


Period Power!’s mission is to provide free and accessible period products to every student who needs them, to eradicate stigma, and end period poverty.

Visit to learn more.

To learn more or to donate, contact Rob Goldman at

Be sure to check this out anytime in the next 6-12 months! Meet Rob and the local IMatter Period Power! hero's in person at their TMI Stories for Choice Event. Tickets are free and we still have a few seats left!

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Jennifer Fitzgerald
Jennifer Fitzgerald
Dec 10, 2023

This is an inspiring endeavor! I am regretful that I was unable to attend the event, however I will certainly be visiting the installation in the near future.


Reb Seavey
Reb Seavey
Dec 05, 2023

This is phenomenal! So good to see such hardworking women be acknowledged for the community to see!

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