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No One Like YOU, Katie Sevilla highlighted

Katie Sevilla joined Julie Novak on No One Like You!

They discussed bathroom inequality, the tampon tax and lack of education on period products. Julie attended our Red Wedding Event and vocalized her concern and desire to pack the bus and head to DC! As of now, there are 21 states that still tax period products.

On this episode, we have special guest, 17-year-old, Katie Sevilla. Kate is a member of the Kingston High School Period Power Club, a group that aims to end period poverty and stigma, but also to educate menstruating folx on what products are safe to use when it comes to period care.

“The products the school provides look like they're from the 1970s. I called the manufacturing company to find out what they are made of and they said they weren't at liberty to disclose that information. How can we be expected to put something in our body if we don't even know what it is?”

The discussion was by far chilling and intellectually stimulating! We are so impressed with Katie's openness, compassion and understanding of toxic masculinity and how it has no business being in our schools, policy making and regulations around our bodies.

Period Power! partnered with TMI Project for a story telling workshop and a performance. We will be writing a book and podcasting as well. Katie wants people to know that having a period is not something to be ashamed of. Let's normalize our periods and telling our stories will allow us to normalize periods where we do not have to censor or feel ashamed by your period.

Katie shares that others can do more in their community by donating products from our Amazon shopping list. We want to share our voice, so others can share their goals. To learn more about that, Period. is a great resource!

As Katie shared, we are seeking more members. We are seeking young people interested in activism and change. We welcome all KHS students and we need you!

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