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End Period Stigma

End Period Stigma and assist us in getting products into the hands that need menstrual products!

Kingston High School students band together to educate, advocate and provide menstrual products to their peers and younger students. One of our goals is to embrace our bodies, love our bodies and talk openly about our period! What's the big deal anyways? People have been menstruating since human life was created! It's time to take a stand and demand respect and accountability from those who do not take menstrual rights seriously!

Order your T Shirt NOW!

You can support our cause by purchasing a T-Shirt in both Women and Unisex cuts.

Ms. Dierna can help!

Order from Ms. Dierna in M 111 at Kingston High School or e-mail her at

Need products? We got you! Ms. Dierna keeps a supply in the Internship & Career Center, located in M 111. She keeps pads, tampons and can get hands on cups and panties for those who need different items!

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