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The Red Wedding

Unless you are a Game of Thrones fan, The Red Wedding is just another name for your period. The one that comes every month (usually) maybe unexpected while in the bathroom stall at school and your faced with a bloody massacre in your pants. Possibly, without any pad, tampon or other menstrual product. You're left to phone a friend, waiting for them to arrive or maybe you are messaging your favorite teacher or staff member that you know has a break in their schedule to come to your rescue. Worst case, you grab a wad of TP from the bathroom or take your sock off and use that as a liner until you can get back to class and ask for another pass to the bathroom. This time, grabbing your bookbag for everyone to know what's going on... or maybe your teacher is completely clueless and denies you a second entry to the bathroom!

We have all been here before. WE MEAN IT!

The Red Wedding at the Senate Garage in Uptown Kingston was not a bloody Game of Thrones wedding massacre, it was a celebration to all the hard work we have done this past year to Eradicate Period Poverty and End Period Stigma. A CALL TO ACTION for our local government and community to hear our outcry that we need to support the 51% and ensure us all that we will have period products in public spaces... especially schools, where it's required by state laws.

As we continue on our journey, we don't want the cruddy stuff either. We want eco-friendly products placed in our bathroom. After all, they are going where the sun doesn't shine and we should be treating those rulers like QUEENS or KINGS.

We are a youth advocacy club. We meet at Kingston High School every Tuesday. We volunteer in our community around reproductive human rights, women's rights and stand with the menstruators who need a little extra support.

We hope you love this awesome gallery from our event and we hope to see you in the community, creating change and advocating for our future!

Check out the photo gallery and share our HUDSY.TV Documentary!

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