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Meet our Newest Co-Advisor!

Hello everyone!

My name is Ms. Rebecca Seavey and I am the new co-advisor for Period Power! I am a first year MSW student at UAlbany and I am so happy to be working for Ms. Tina Dierna as her intern this year.

As the co-advisor, I have many goals to fulfill this year. Firstly, I will strive to help continue to make period products accessible for all who need them. I believe everyone has a right to free period products and many of our students do not actually have access to sufficient products. I am dedicated to help create a welcoming and supportive environment within our club where students can comfortably discuss their needs and concerns related to their menstrual health. I believe that there is power in groups and by coming together, we can support each other. No one should have to suffer with the complexities of menstruation alone. We will help spread awareness and work to break the negative stigmas that revolve around menstruation. We have been shamed for too long. I am committed to ensuring that everyone within our community has access to accurate information and feels empowered to take control of their well-being.

As we embark on this journey together, I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to learn from each of the students and collaborate to make a positive impact in our community. We welcome the community to reach out with your thoughts, suggestions, and/or questions. Together, we can create a more supportive, inclusive, and informed environment for all.

Together we can embrace menstruation, celebrate our bodies, prioritize our health, and eliminate shame. We will be working with our local community this year to address our mission as a club and I am excited to work on that with TMI Project. I am excited to enhance our relationship with HUDSY, Radio Kingston, the Senate Garage and our friends at O+.

Please check out some of our upcoming events on our website and read our other posts to learn more about our Club.

Please consider giving to our work with TMI Project:

(All supporters will receive our gratitude and a social media shoutout! Those who donate $25 or more will receive a Period Power! sticker.)


$25: Support an audience member who otherwise couldn’t afford to attend the performance


$50: Pay for an hour of planning by one incredible workshop leader, the geniuses creating our program with impeccable thoughtfulness and care

Agent of Change

$100: Support one incredible workshop leader to facilitate a writing session with the student activists from Period Power! - this is where the magic begins


$250: Cover the costs of editing and preparing a new story, without you our stories would not make it to the stage


$500: Sponsor a storyteller through the entire process, from their nervous entrance into their first workshop, to the moment they proudly take their bow

Radical Truth-Teller

$1,000: Support a youth activist to share their story far and wide with the production of one episode of the podcast

Social Justice Partner!

$2,500 and up: Deepen the impact of the program by supporting the creation of educational tools to serve as a blueprint for students across the country to eradicate period poverty in their schools

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