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Big Things Happening! TMI x Period Power!

This is a very exciting time for Period Power! students because we are once again teaming up with TMI Project! We will be presenting a live-action storytelling performance on December 6th, 2023. We are collaborating to present our favorite TMI topic, Period Power! Stories! We just had our first workshop and it went extremely well! Collaborating with TMI storytelling experts Raine Grayson and Dara Lurie, our students starting their storytelling journey. We were able to use Radio Kingston as our safe storytelling space. It is a judgment-free zone where students can truly feel safe to open up.

Our first workshop involved the students getting comfortable with free writing. Students were taught to have an open mind, be expressive, and let their words flow out naturally. The idea is to be creative and let your thoughts flow onto the page. Free writing is a form of self-exploration and will contribute to self-discovery and allow each individual to discover their unique writing voice. From my point of view as the co-advisor this experience was enlightening. It was empowering to share some of my stories and I truly loved hearing about the student’s experiences. I was blown away by their ability to write freely on the first try. Their stories were passionate, creative, inspirational, and engaging. These students were able to put their pain and hardships onto paper and share openly with the group about topics our society has oppressed for centuries.

Our first workshop was a complete success and the students are engaged, committed, and ready to have their voices heard. Our goal is to use our voices and our stories to stop the stigma and end period poverty. Together, our stories will change the world!

TMI Project’s mission is to help craft and amplify radically true stories to ignite human connection, challenge the status quo, and inspire both storytellers and listeners to take action for positive social change. TMI does this by teaching true storytelling workshops which culminate in live performances and digital content that focus on the “too much information” parts of a story typically left out because of shame, stigma, fear, or cultural expectation. TMI centers its programming around four social justice initiatives: Anti-Racism, Gender Equity, LGBTQIA+ Rights, and Mental Health Awareness. TMI works to shine the spotlight on the stories that may not be featured in mainstream media or recognized in history books but have the power to change the world.

To support us and learn more about our collaboration with TMI project, click here:

See the magic happening:

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