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Back to School, Back to ACTION!

Who are we kidding! This summer we didn't take a break. Maybe you came to sing along with us at Darlings. We had a blast eating great food and joining community members at an event they hosted with Karmic Karaoke. Our fearless leader got up to rock out of tune and we had some of our members representing our work with TMI Project at the event.

We also participated in the YWCA Community day at the end of the school year! This was a great community event to celebrate their 100 years in ACTION

and we loved that they are making a commitment to our community by strengthening their partnerships and standing against racisms. TWO things Period Power! Club stands behind.

While we did take time for vacations, family, work and relaxation, we also kicked off our major fundraising campaign with TMI Project a collaboration to bring our community Stories for Period Power! a great transition into the work we did this past year with HUDSY and the start of our workshop series with TMI Project!

We also deepened our connection to HUDSY and watched all of our followers follow HUDSY! What's HUDSY? A local streaming platform filled with LOCAL news, stories, and PASSION. Don't take it from us, though! GO WATCH our work with them!

Watch the trailer!

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